MJS can help you secure your Old Age Security payments, Canada Pension Plan payments, or benefits from any private insurance plan that you belong to. This includes the disability tax credit. In Schools can assist with the Identification Placement Review Committee (IPRC) process. In other words help with getting classroom accommodations for children with disabilities. Accommodations for disabilities is a right under the Education Act and the Human RIghts Code.

MJS also makes sure you get treated with dignity and respect from these agencies. 

Specifically MJS can write, attend meetings and manage appeals if necessary to secure your entitlements.


Qualifiied residents of Canada are entited to Old Age Security pensions, and Canada Pension Plan. As well many people have invested in employee pensions and pensions arranged directly with insurance companies.

It can be very overwhelming to deal with the layers of red tape one must sometimes have to go through to receive entitements to these benefits.

MJS has extensive experience over 25 years experience  in dealing with these agencies on behave of clients who are having difficulty with claiming benefits.

MJS can help you with letter writting, meeting attendance and in some cases can handle appeals to boards and tribunals involved.