The maximum amount of a single Small Claims Court matter, is presently $25,000. Any court action can be a difficult and frustrating ordeal. Sometimes, litigation can be time consuming and expensive. At MJS Legal Service, we know the paperwork, the rules of engagement within the Small Claims Court, and have over 25 years of experience make MJS the  best representative for you. Let  MJS handle your matters in a clear, proper and professional manner.




If you decide to self represent MJS can help you when you get stuck. This small claims court process is designed to be user friendly and to make it possible to self represent. So if you do decide to go the self representation route MJS is here to give you some guidance when you need it.



There are links to the rules and the forms on the left of this page. See what parts of the process you are comfortable with doing, if any, and MJS will handle the rest.