1/2 HOUR FREE CONSULTATION: ☎ Jane @  613 884-9065.

SELF REPRESENTATION: In addition to client representation in legal matters MJS also provide consultation for self representation which can save you thousands of dollars in legal bills.

Are you getting the run around by government or private agencies such as the hydro company or your phone company that owe you money or benefits? MJS can help you secure your entitlements. MJS also does applications in small claims court and handles human rights complaints, provincial offences tickets, summary criminal charges and landlord tenant issues.

Jane Scharf is a licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada to provide legal services. Jane also has a degree in Psychology. She has more than 28 years experience representing her clients in courts and tribunals. She is empathetic to her clients and competent to negotiate firmly on their behalf. Jane tries to involve her clients fully in the decision-making process and encourages them to take on whatever elements of their case that they are capable and willing to do. This approach helps reduce the cost of handling the case and increase the chances of success.



The firms rates are reasonable and are based on a sliding scale.

As a courtesy there is an offer of 15% discount for citizens over 55 years of age.

A free no obligation consultation is available with paralegal Jane Scharf.  


How can I help?


MJS specializes in providing guidance and support to help you be successful in negotiating a fair and reasonable response to your claims. There is assistance with letter writing, attending meetings with agencies and handle appeals to boards and tribunals as well as small claims court and summary conviction criminal charges.



Practice Areas

Landlord Tenant and Co-op Matters

Representation at LTB

Small Claims Court

Provincial Offences (tickets)

Criminal (summary)

(OAS) (ODSP) (EI) (CPP) (WSIB) claims

Private insurance claims

Human Rights Complaint

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