If you are prepared to take the bull by the horns and represent yourself you can be surprised at the resulting success you can have if you are willing to read up, plan out, and prepare to stand up for yourself in court.

Rather than hand your whole case over to a lawyer or paralegal you can instead find legal consultation for the difficult legal issues and manage the rest yourself. The advantage of the self-representation route is the cost is greatly reduced (up to 90% less cost depending on how much of the work you are willing to take on).

Often times you can find answers to legal questions and learn about the procedures on line. Then you can get free legal advise from Lawyer Referral and if you still need more assistance you can pay a lawyer or paralegal to give you advise on a consultation basis.

Also it is a well-guarded secret that courts or tribunals bend over backwards to try and help a self-represented person with the process. No one knows the facts of your case better than you and a straight forward unrehersed statement of facts in court is very convincing to adjudicators.

MJS will handle the entire matter for you or work with you to help you self-represent.

If you want to discuss this possibility you can speak to Jane Scharf who is offering a 1/2 hour free consultation on self represenation. This consultation can help you deside if this is the way you want to go.